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22nd April 2019
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 People have used alcohol for centuries as an aid to feeling good. But If you have become dependent on drinking then it can cause problems - in working life, in family life and financially. Some would say that alcohol is a far more dangerous drug than some of those that are already illegal. But,  possibly because drinking  is ingrained into our culture, it is not illegal.

Effective Hypnosis has just finished  working with someone who was drinking a bottle of whisky a day in order to cope with work stress. He has been off alcohol completely for two months and is seeing the benefits - sleeping better, more money in his pocket and better health. We provide programs for encouraging both  moderate drinking and total abstinence.

This was achieved by applying Meridian Therapies - tapping to take away cravings, NLP - top create a revulsion to alcohol, and Hypnotherapy - to convince the subconscious mind that he neither needed or wanted alcohol. 

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