Coming Off Antidepressants
17th March 2019
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 NICE tells us that over four million people are on long term antidepressants, but that not all of them have to be Current guidelines suggest that withdrawal symptoms are mild. 

 However, Lancet Psychiatry Research published last week about more serious withdrawal symptoms - noting dizziness, sleep problems,  electric shock like sensations "brain zaps", tremors, restless legs, and numbness. This has led to some continuing to  take them unnecessarily.  They point out that Dutch research has shown that people can come off by  reducing the amounts by weeks and months. NICE guidelines are now due to be rewritten.


 Of course, chemicals build up in the body over time, so to stop using them at once can lead to physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. We need a healthcare plan  from a GP to gradually reduce the dosage. Hypnotherapy can be used to lift the mood and provide a sense of deep calm.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis 

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