Cocaine Users Thinner ?
10th August 2013
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Researchers at Cambridge University have suggested, in 'Appetite' journal, that cocaine users are thinner due to the fact that heavy use alters the metabolism.

 Previously it was thought that cocaine suppresses the appetite. But the new research shows that heavy use may actually inhibit the bodily ability to store fat.

 Dr. Karen Ersche suggests that this will  be useful in planning recovery programmes - as users will not want to gain weight, and may relapse rather than suffer weight gain.  However, the study - funded by GlaxoSmithKline - only studied men. Statistically speaking, women are far more concerned about weight gain than men.

 Previous research by this department has shown that medication that increases dopamine in the brain - the reward hormone - has been more effective than talking therapies.

 But what if you could get a therapy that could stop cocaine use, encourage feelgood chemical production,  and not only control weight, but reduce it - without medication and possible side effects? Hypnotherapy has been shown to be successful in all these areas. This therapy is available in Ealing and West London - see the Effective Hypnosis page, and for details and testimonials.

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