Chronic Exhaustive Fatigue
16th July 2012
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How many people are overusing stimulants in order to stay awake? How many people wake exhausted and need more and more in order to keep going? How many have joined a gym in order to try and regain their youthful vitality and have found that it didn't really work, and all they had to show for it was a bank account that paid out for a service they didn't use?

Chronic Fatigue is a condition that must have been going on for at least six months in order for it to be diagnosed by the GP, but if you have extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, muscle pain, bouts of depression, light and heat sensitivity then what are you to do in the meantime?

Matthew Hall can offer hypnotherapy for the symptoms. He is now in training to be a Chrysalis Effect coach in order to be able to coach people towards recovery. A free month's support on the Chrysalis Effect can be obtained through

See the Effective Hypnosis page for details on hypnotherapy.

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