Cheap cocaine warning
14th November 2015
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Cheap Cocaine Warning

 The Washington Post warns this week that America and the world beyond are going to be faced with cheaper cocaine due to a bumper crop in Colombia.

 America has seen cocaine use fall over the past ten years, compared to rising use with heroin and crystal meth. It is feared that with more cheap cocaine available, use will rise again.

 In the UK cocaine use accounts for 29% of illegal drug use ( Guardian survey 2014). It is highly addictive - due to it's affect on the dopamine receptors - giving almost instant pleasure. However, continued use  damages those receptors - leading to more being needed to get the same effect - and depression caused by withdrawal symptoms.

 Effective Hypnosis has an excellant track record with helping people to end cocaine addiction - see our testimonials. We welcome further referals.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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