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29th July 2018
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 The Mail on Sunday tells us that the number of women seeking help for cannabis addiction has risen by 60% over the past decade - according to a report out from  the University of York. However, the detox programmes on offer are overwhelmingly aimed at men.

 Eytan Alexander, founder of the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) centres, says that "Women are more likely to experience anxiety and dizziness after smoking cannabis than men, and are likely to become more forgetful.... women often experience stronger withdrawal symptoms than men ... It's very hard to come off it on your own...all of a sudden you're full of anxiety and fear. The best thing is a support group such as Marijauna Anonymous, but most mums won't go for fear of people finding out their little secret"

 Effective Hypnosis offers an addiction program that is fuly supportive of women, offering a discreet and successful way of coming off drugs. Do have a look at the 300+ testimonials on and / or at our website 

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