Cannabis Testing
30th January 2013
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Jobs at risk for cannabis use

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police commissioer, has proposed that teachers, intensive care workers, and transport staff should have random checks for drug use. Those found with traces of drugs, who refuse help to stop, should be sacked, he suggests.

 Rest assured, folks, Hounslow Bororough Council already does random testing on it's drivers - and this is also the case with the surrounding boroughs. We know this because Effective Hypnosis worked with someone applying for a job - he was worried that he might not get it, despite meeting all the criteria, because of his dope habit. We successfully took him off his addiction, and he got the job

 But this call might not be acceptable to many who have worked hard, paid into a pension for many years, and suddeily risk losing their livelihoods and/or their homes. For help with stopping addiction fast, see  -  we have expertise in stopping addictions - , or ring 07732391008.

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