Buy Local survey
1st June 2010
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The Best of Ealing is running a major research initiative to gauge peoples' views about the state of local high streets in the borough of Ealing.

The research is part of a massive national study - the largest of its kind - through which The Best Of is surveying towns and cities throughout the UK to identify how consumers use their local high streets.

The research will examine how local stores and retailers are faring, what is good about our local high streets, what the problems are and what needs to be done to make them more successful. The findings will be drawn up into a national report to support The Best Of's Buy Local campaign which aims to get more people supporting independent shops and stores.

Nigel Botterill CEO of The Best Of says "The way we're set up means we have a real ear to the ground. We can pick up on what's happening at a local level but also right across the UK. Once we have pulled together the findings I think we will have a really powerful picture to share".

Take part in the survey on The Best of Ealing and make your opinion known.

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