Are you getting enough sleep?
2nd April 2016
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 Celia Walden, of the Telegraph tells of how many film and pop stars are quite proud of the fact that they don't get enough sleep. Madonna, Sandra Bullock, GwynethPaltrow, Jennifer Lopez, JohnTravolta and George Clooney all seem to glory in the fact that they an act and sing with little or no sleep.

 But sleep plays an important role in helpin our bodies and brains to recover and restore themselves. The Royal Society for Public Health says that we need an average 7.7 hours a night - but most only get 6.8 - roughly a days sleep lost a week.

 Insufficient sleep can decrease a driver's level of awareness, and therefore poses a crash risk. Students who don't sleep well get lower grades in tests and find it hard to concentrate.

 Less than six hours nightly is a risk for colorectal cancer generally, and in women a risk for breast cancer, in men a risk for prostate cancer.

 Effective Hypnosis can fix this. If you are having trouble sleeping  - don't be like a martyr. Effective Hypnosis can fix you.

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