Another long standing phobia overcome with hypnotherapy
7th August 2016
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The Express features the story of Donna McMahon, from Liverpool, who overcame a phobia of water with hypnotherapy which had  lasted 30 years, from the age of 5.

This had meant; -

* No Showers,

* No swimming,

* No beach trips.

 She explained that her hypnotherapist had  traced the fear back to source - her first experience of this fear. Using hypnotic language techniques he changed her attitudes to the first experience, and all subsequent recurrences.

" I feel so relieved now that I can get on with my life without this irrational fear hanging over my head - he has worked miracles with me."

  Now she uses a shower without fear, takes her Kids to a pool and can book a holiday tothe seaside. A positive transformation.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis 

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