Anger Management
9th April 2018
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 Anger is a natural emotion but often gets squashed in order to save face. This is fine if there is some way of dealing with it elsewhere - getting aggression out through sports, dance etc, but suppressed anger leads to stress. Trapped stress may lead to illness and dependencies.

 Yelling and shouting may provide a service by discharging the anger. But at what cost? People may be risking their relationship, their family, their job, their home.

 When people come for help they may have been warned that dire consequences - either social or medical - will ensue. Hypnotherapy wil help to deal with the hurts of the past through regression, and help you to build on the future by crossing the boundaries of personality - and helping you to experiment with a completely different way of seeing things.

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Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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