American woman loses 10 stones in weight with hypnosis
19th August 2014
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American Woman Loses 10 Stones in Weight With Hypnosis

The Daily Mail  today runs a feature on Julie Evans, from Michagan, who had a hypnotic gastric bypass in 2007. She went to see hypnotherapist Rena Greenburg, in Florida,and found that she lost 140lbs in two years. She has also maintained the  weight that she acheived for the past four years - going from (American) size 24 to (American) size 6

The process of the hypnotic gastric bypass is to take someone through the process of stomach stapling whilst they are in a hypnotic trance -so that the subconscious mind believes that the stomach is smaller and has less capacity for food.

 If you want a local service that deals with both hypnotic gastric bypass and the more popular hypnotic gastric band, then please see and some of the testimonials to Matthew Hall on the best of Ealing.

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