Alcohol worries
30th December 2012
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Alcohol worries

Reports from the Office of National Statistics suggest that middle - aged women are drinking more heavily than their teenage daughters, reports the Mail On Sunday 30.12.12. The statistics show that the 45 - 64year group drink more units per week than the 16 - 24 year old group. This has the NHS more worried about them than the younger ones because they are more likely to present at hospitals, with stroke, liver disease, high bolood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

 Alcohol Concern recognises both  the pressures of Christmas and the ordinary working week, so has challenged people who may be worried to have a dry January - using the opportunity of being alcohol free for a month to avoid hangovers, reduce the waistline, save some money and take time to think about what alcohol is doing to them.

 It is a common misconception that the lower the status of women drinkers the less control they will have over their drinking. But The Office of National statistics says that women in higher and lower management positions die from alcohol related diseases at twice the rate of those in lower paid jobs.

Liver disease is dramatically increasing. Effective hypnosis can help you to regain control.

 Effective Hypnosis would like to offer support to anyone who is trying to control their drinking.

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