Alcohol safety limits slashed
8th January 2016
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Alcohol limits slashed

 Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England, has today given several interiews about the new advice for safe drinking limits.

Previously, the guidelies had been as follows - For women, no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, and for pregnant women, no more than 2 units a week. For men, no more than 21 units a week. 

 Under the new guidelines, due to data on cancer risks - pregnant women should avoid alcohol, and men should now drink no more than 14 units a week - in line with women.

 The alcohol industry has commented that other countries have not taken these measures, but Dame Sally has said she thinks the other countries will soon follow England's lead.

 If you do have concerns about your alcohol intake, and want to make a change, then please see 

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