Alcohol Awareness Week
13th November 2016
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A lot of pleasure can be found in alcohol and using it sensibly. But what if it gets out of control? Blackouts? Public illness? Being barred from establishments? Failing relatioships? According to Alcohol Concern there hae already been 8,123 alcohol related deaths in 2016, and still ten million people drink to harmful levels.

Alcohol freedom means taking back control from a depressive substance. It means taking control of your health, taking control of your wellbeing, and taking control of your relationships.

 It can lead to weight reduction - there are 190  calories in a large glass of wine, and 335 in a pint of beer. It can lead to better skin. It can lead to more energy. It can lead to rejuvenating your liver, and repairing those destroyed brain cells.

 Would you like to stop drinking alcohol or reduce your intake? It can be done without feeling stress or deprivation.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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