Alcohol Awareness Week
12th November 2017
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Alcohol Awareness Week starts on 13th November  2017, and runs until the 19th. The aim is to get people to think about alcohol - how it affects people as individuals, as members of families, as members of communities, and of society.

 The American Society for Clinical Oncology recently published details of how drinking alcohol is linked to seven cancers - in addition to high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and cirrhosis of the liver. The ASCO recommends strategies for people to cut down.

But health risks are far from the only concern.There are concerns about family breakdown, crime, anti-social behaviour and drink driving. 2.5 million people report drinking over their weekly safe alcohol allowance in one day, with a quarter of us  seen as binge drinkers.

 If people do want to cut down, or give up completely, then hypnotherapy can help. Effective Hypnosis, based in Ealing W5 2RS and Hillingdon UB10 0PS, welcomes referrals. We have 300+ testimonials from satisfied customers on 

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