Alcohol and Drug Addictions
26th January 2019
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 Many people try to give up alcohol in January, when they are broke, and realise how much their drinking got out of control over Christmas.  Divorce petitions are high and alcohol may be involved.

 Some make giving up a New Year's Resolution.  Some also get in on the bandwagon of group support through Dry January or Alcoholics Anonymous. But what happens if they fail? Is there another way?

 This week I received a testimonial stating that someone had given up alcohol and cocaine with Effective Hypnosis. This is fantastic news. I have been growing and developing my method, of using Clinical Hypnosis alongside Neuro Linguistic Programming and Thought Field Therapy,  since 2000.  But each case is unique - so I make my therapy bespoke to the individual. I have over 300 published testimonials on  - do have a look. 

 So, if you gave in to the demon drink or didn't find group support was for you - don't panic. Hypnotherapy could be the answer for you. I can gear sessions towards giving up completely or cutting down to moderate consumption.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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