Addicted Youngsters - Gambling
10th February 2019
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The Times reports on 9.2.18 that the number of children with a gambling problem has doubled in the UK in the last two years. Accoring to the Gambling commission, about 55, 000 between the ages of 11 and 16 are addicted. One in seven gambles every week.

 They are said to be seduced by the flashing lights, the candy-coloured games, the promise of easy wins. Online games are bright and alluring, designed with Disney colours and cute cartoon characters. whilst online gambling is illegal for children, some  use their parents credit card details.

 Live sport is laced with adverts for bookies and stars encourage watchers to get a bet on. online gaming  may be offered free by some, but children can buy 'loot boxes' of special powers or 'skins' which can be gambled with as digital currency.

 Gambling appears to have been normalised and more than ever seems to involve children.

 Effective Hypnosis runs a successful Gambling Cessation program  and welcomes referrals.

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