A green baby? Go for cloth nappies and save money and the environment
11th October 2010
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In the UK alone we throw away about 8 million disposable nappies every day.

Each child on average goes through 5,000 nappies in their infancy. For parents who care about the environment, choosing and using environmentally friendly nappies such as cloth reusable nappies or eco-friendly disposable nappies, means they are taking a positive step towards protecting the world.

In these cost conscious times its also worth mentioning that cloth nappies cost substantially less than disposables, and will last long enough to use for more than one child, making them even more economical. In a recent study on infants with nappy rash the type of nappy worn did not emerge as a significant factor.

Ethical Babe stocks cloth nappies made from 100% natural materials with no gels or chemicals to absorb liquid, just the natural absorbency of the bamboo cloth, so they are extremely gentle on baby’s skin. Cloth Pop-In nappies are so much easier than you may think.  Why not order a trial pack which contains a complete nappy, a dry-night booster to ensure a dry night every night, and a liner and try it out?

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