6 stones lost with hypnotic gastric band
26th February 2013
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 The Daily Mail runs an article on 25.2.13 stating that Danielle Davies lost six stones in weight after being hypnotised to believe that she had had a gastric band fitted. There are some pretty impressive before and after pictures, and she is quoted as saying "I'm thrilled with my new figure".

 Sadly, the best that Effective Hypnosis can claim is the loss of four stones, following a hypnosis session  with Matthew Hall. It didn't make the national press, and we can't guarantee a spectacular result, but as Hynotic Gastric Band specialists we can state that everyone who follows our programme through will lose weight.

 Our expertise in this field is shown by the many testimonials on this network. Have a look at www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home  If you like what you see, and this sounds like what you need, then call Effective Hypnosis so we can talk.

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