5 Top Tips when selling your home
9th November 2016
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 Tip #1 De- personalise your home

When potential buyers look into a home that is up for sale, they are already imagining their lives inside it to give them a better feel if that is the right home for them. Removing your family’s memories will give them the impression that this home could be perfect for them and leaving a right amount of happy pictures show that this place is where good memories can be created. This way, you’ll also be able to maximise the space in each rooms, seeing its full size as less furniture are present.

Tip #2 Do a bit of light cleaning

This means emptying some of the storage cabinets and spaces for your potential buyers to inspect. They will surely snoop around and having your belongings in each cabinet can give an impression that there are no enough storage spaces in your home. Also, take this opportunity to replace busted light bulbs and clean windows to let more light into the house making it look more spacious.

Tip #3 Bring your pets into a pet hotel

Not every potential home buyer prefers a company of our little furry friends. Having a litter box in the kitchen or bits of fur lying around could turn them off, thinking that your home is a mess. If you plan on inviting potential buyers all at once through an open- house, it’s best to have your pets away for a few hours to give you more time to clean and settle the place before the visitors come pouring in.

Tip #4 Minimise your home renovations

This can be a big risk as there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get back all of the money you spent renovating your home once you have sold it. Keep in mind that you only need to make improvements such as repainting walls, changing doorknobs or locks as well as creak- free cabinets to make sure that your home will be in its best condition. These are the small things that can make your home more appealing to your potential buyers without breaking the bank.

Tip #5 Choose the right broker

Getting the right broker can greatly help you in selling your home fast and for the best price. Choose the best real estate managers, such as the Colin Bibra - Sales, Lettings, and Property Management, who will not only help you sell your homme but also will guide you through the whole transition of letting go of your old house. The agents from Colin Bibra are known to be tech- savvy who use today’s technology to make real estate business easier and more rewarding.

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