Are women born to binge?
4th May 2013
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Women born to binge?

 The Daily Mail reports, in May 2013, on research presented by Professor Kelly Klump, of Michigan State University. They have researched on male and female rats that are drawn more towards sugary snacks than savoury ones.

They note that female rats are six times more likely to gorge on sugary snacks than their male counterparts, They conclude  that female brains are biologically programmed to overeat.

 Effective Hypnosis was wondering if this was an April fool joke -  as Kelly Klump sounds quite comical. But we argue against any suggestion that women are helpless against inbuilt programming to overeat.

The wonderful thing about the power of hypnosis is that people have the opportunity to make the maximum use of the body/mind connection. In a partnership between therapist and client agreed objectives are hardwired into the brain, and the 93% of brainpower that is rarely used by people is put to good use in helping them to control their weight. When we learn something new, our brain changes through neuroplasticity, and our lives change accordingly. This is why we are not victims of nature, but can become masters of our future.

 We are specialists in this field - see for details.

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