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14th December 2012
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This week The Lancet reported on the recently published Global Burden of Disease Study.

The good news is that we are living longer than we were  40 years ago, by about ten years.  The bad news, for just about everybody, is that the biggest cause of death is high blood pressure. Now, we know that 16 million suffer from High Blood Pressure, or Hypertension. But the report says that millions more suffer from this when it is masked by other conditions, and many more suffer without it being detected.

The second highest cause of death is through smoking, and smoking related diseases. The third highest is through alcohol. The fourth highest is obesity.

Counting these causes off on my fingers, I realised that The Lancet is, indirectly, advertising my services.

The wonderful thing is that the subconscious mind has got the power to deal with these conditions.  Through hypnosis we can train the mind up to have a relaxation response to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and to make Hypertension disappear. The body has a wonderful  immune system which we can awaken, to assist the healing process.

Stopping smoking is the number one reason that I get contacted, which is why I have made it a specialisation, and am very satisfied with success.

We also have great success in stopping people drinking too much. Whilst we can stop it altogether, some people prefer to be helped to be satisfied with just one drink. This enables them to enjoy life and carry on their normal activities.

Weight loss is our second biggest enquiry, and the popular Hypnotic Gastric Band is very much in demand.

Please see effective hypnosis for details, and testimonials of satisfied customers.

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