Being Good To Your Heart
14th February 2013
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Being good to your heart

  St Valentine's day is great fun. The cards and the silly messages in the paper always make me smile. But there is also a sadness about the time - since a familly member died from cancer on one 13th Febuary. This was what finally convinced me to give up smoking in 1997. Eighteen months later I was a trained hypnotherapist. My expertise started when I packed in smoking myself, rather than when I qualified.

Smoking is now recognised as causing the number one cancer killer for women.  Stopping Smoking is the number one area of expertise for Effective Hypnosis. On St Valentine's day I would urge you to think of being good to your heart and body. Don't be satisfied with one day of love, or even the fourteen days of love, thet promotes. Make this the time when you show enough love for your body to make a permanent change.

 See Effective Hypnosis for details.

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