5 types of overeater?
17th December 2012
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The Mail on Sunday runs an article on December 15th, 2012, suggesting five types of overeater - The Secret Binger, The Happy Eater, The Comfort Seeker,  The Panic Snacker, and The Fridge Magnet.

They have four tickbox questions beside each category, and suggest that if you tick three out of the four boxes, you may need help. At Effective Hypnosis we were a little suspicious of this, as some of the questions are vague.

Basicly, the descriptions are as follows -  The Secret Binger is someone who has become obsessed with dieting in the past and yoyos between binging and dieting. MOS recommends Overeaters Anonymous. The Happy Eater is someone who enjoys food, cooking and the feelings associated with it - and may need help in establishing good feelings without it. MOS recommends hypnotherapy. The Comfort Seeker is someone who overeats for emotional reasons, to trigger happiness chemicals. MOS recommends Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The Panic Snacker overeats when in stressful situations. MOS recommends Psychodynamic Therapy. Lastly, The Fridge Magnet overeats due to boredom, to fill the vacuum in their life. MOS recommends Mindfulness Therapy.

Judging from the comments on www.mailonline.com  site some of the questions could apply to just about anybody, regardless of weight problems. Whilst being thankful for the recommendation re The Happy Eater, we would like to state that hypnotherapy can do quite well at The Secret Binger, The Comfort Seeker, The Panic Eater and the Fridge Magnet aswell. Do have a look at both the mail online site and our weight control section.

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