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Xmas temps

06 November 2009 11:22

We are moving towards the time of year when many people take on Christmas temps (or are taken on as temps), so we thought we would give you some pointers on the legal side of temp work.

Here are some top tips about the legal side of employing temps.

Taking People On

26 October 2009 11:17

Taking people on - some common questions and misconceptions raised on the Irenicon hotline.

Modern morals and modern times

05 October 2009 09:41

We have spent so much time on ‘equal pay’, and this has brought only mixed results. Perhaps we should now turn our attention to ‘unequal pay’

Local Transport Difficulties

21 September 2009 13:28

Who is entitled to be paid if workers can't get to work due to strikes?

Opening your windows for burglars

UK managers' rights depend on good contracts - send yours in for free review

Life's a beach

08 August 2009 07:11

When the weather gets really hot what are the rules about working in the heat?

Swine flu - who pays?

30 July 2009 20:00

What happens if people can't work because of swine flu - who pays for what?

How much holiday pay must you pay?

Many employers are confused about holiday pay as the Government keeps increasing the minimum and case law changes who gets what when they are away on long term leave.
Can you calculate holiday pay properly?

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