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Entertaining! You are a very talented bunch! Everybody come to Croydon for more culture. Croydon: city of culture 2014!
Thanks again for a wonderful gig. Very talented individuals and as a group. Excellent story, excellent music.
What a lovely evening (even though I was hard at work). Beautiful music and wonderful story.
This show was truly entertaining and uplifting. All power to you! Well done.
I had a little cry. Mostly at the story but also because I danced with a stranger in Croydon! Beautiful music, important work.
I now feel all warm and boozed and fuzzy and politically stirred... I like it!
Great show - loved the music, especially the Queen. Long live the revolution!
Thank you for making an ageing man, trapped in the rat race, think again about the things that a truly important: music, people and freedom.
Babylon - Flanagan Collective at the Spread Eagle was just brilliant! Thanks!
One of the best one act shows I have seen. Fantastic acting. I'd like to see one of Sarah's shows again.
An excellent show at the Spread Eagle, and very entertaining too. Thank you.
What an entertaining show! I can really relate to it! Well done Spread Eagle.
Very well done on such a great performance. It really was excellent. Thank you.
Miss The Warehouse! Glad, (very glad), that someone in Croydon is putting in the effort to stage such delights. Keep it up!
I spent ten years in theatre. This was a tour de force! Well done to everyone involved.
Really good. Such a lovely initiative by the Spread Eagle. Will be back in February!
Just seen "The Twelves Dates of Christmas" at the Spread Eagle. Great show. Loved it!
It was absolutely fantastic - same again next year please! Well done Sarah!
Amazing perfomance. Sarah Gain rocked it! Well done to you all and thank you.
Fantastic performance. Well done to everyone at the Spread Eagle theatre. Thanks.
Absolutely fabulous show. Sarah was absolutely fabulous. Well done to you all.
Wonderful, simply wonderful! I enjoyed every minute of the show. Well done!
Thank you very much - it was great! Well done. And happy Christmas to you all too.
A superb evening's entertainment at the Spread Eagle tneatre. Well done to everyone.
This really was an excellent show at the Spread Eagle. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done!
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