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Nanny’s Choice is the leading retailer of baby and children’s products, including the hugely popular non-contact thermometer, based in Croydon.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bNanny's Choice offering state of the art thermometer's suitable for ALL ages. A must for every household.

This non-contact thermometer from Croydon based Nanny's Choice is ideal for all ages, including the elderly and patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy. This effective health tool can eliminate the dangers and inconvenience of traditional mercury thermometers. It’s the hassle-free way of accurately taking a child or person's temperature since you don’t need to put it under the tongue, the rectum or the armpit. Even if your patient is sleeping, there’s no need to disrupt their slumber with this non-invasive thermometer.

The thermometer boasts of 3 useful modes: body, room and surface temperature. Just press the mode button to choose the right one, press scan and in a second, you can easily tell if your child has a fever, room is too cold, or milk is too hot. With its 3-colour illuminated LCD display, this handy gadget can tell you all you need to know about your baby’s temperature. What’s wonderful with Nanny’s Choice non-contact thermometer is that it eliminates the spread of infection.

Nanny’s Choice is recognised as an Best Seller in Baby Thermometers and was a finalist for “Fastest Growing Business” for the 2016 EC Awards.

Customers who bought and used the thermometer are happy with their choice. Here are a couple of reviews from satisfied customers:

“Amazing. I would normally have to wait 30 seconds or more for a contact thermometer, but this gives an instant reading.” – Edward Gorman, Renfrewshire

It’s easy to see why Nanny’s Choice Non-Contact Thermometer is tagged as “Temperature Without Tempers”. With such a useful health gadget at home, you know anyone in your family, from newborn to the elderly, can easily have their temperature taken minus the tantrums or disturbing them from rest.

Nanny’s Choice is a Croydon based business offering baby and children’s products,. With over 30 years of experience in professional childcare, you can be assured you’re purchasing the right products to promote healthy and happy children

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