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Not recommended for conveyancing unless you are 100% certain that your property purchase will go through to completion. Mine failed before exchange and the abortive fees from this solicitor was £525. Fees are not transferable so you need to pay this and the next one. A no-sale-no-fee solicitor would be a safer bet, unless you are certain it will complete.

Reply from Maud T:
We do always make transparent to clients that ,in common with most firms , we reserve the right to make a charge for work done if a matter becomes abortive which unfortunately we must do if we are to keep our fees as competitive as they are for the high level of service we provide . Such costs are rarely more than £200 to £300 plus VAT and often lower .Most of our clients are very happy with the service we provide. We cannot directly comment upon the figures quoted by the reviewer as we cannot identify that person but would be more than happy to discuss this with him or her should they ask us to investigate. Atkins Hope
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"You have been the epitome of commitment, empathy and expertise, what more can I say!"
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