Canberra Carriage Company
  • 30 Oxford Road

    CO15 3TB
Clacton-on-Sea's Canberra Carriage Company combine old fashioned values with new technology to provide the best in car repairs and servicing.

The Canberra Carriage Company

Because Service Matters

Canberra Carriage Company are proud to be the first garage in the Clacton- on-Sea area to be granted Essex County Council Trading Standards"Buy With Confidence" approval.




The Canberra Carriage Company in Clacton-on-Sea have developed a solid reputation for quality customer service and value for money in their 18 years of trading. Originally named after the famous cruise liner the business was built on old fashioned principles and values of customer service and now ownership of this excellent car repairs and car servicing company has passed to car mechanic Mark Hanlon and his partner Keith Rose.


Mark Hanlon was previously the Canberra Carriage Company's principal technician and car mechanic for 15 years so he fully understands the importance of the values the company was founded on. He is now extending the concept for the next generation of customers, both in and around Clacton-on-Sea, whilst simultaneously investing modern technology to provide even better customer service. The already excellent car repairs and servicing are now augmented by everything from modern fault diagnostics to wider payment options (with credit/ debit cards now accepted). This has seamlessly been accomplished without losing the unique charm of the company.


Car Repairs and Servicing with the Canberra Carriage Company

  • Car repairs and car servicing for all makes
  • Rover specialists
  • Collection / delivery of either customers, vehicles or both
  • Competitive rates (dealership standards at notably lower prices)
  • Courtesy cars available (both manual and automatic)
  • Quality car repairs with an emphasis on customer care


Clacton-on-Sea's Canberra Carriage Company is an artful marriage of traditional values and modern technology - past and present united to provide the best in car repairs and servicing. With Mark's son Joseph having completed the 3rd year of his apprenticeship you can find the future as well at the Canberra Carriage Company. Call them today on Clacton-on-Sea (01255) 426394.


When contacting the Canberra Carriage Company please don't forget to say you found them here or The Best of Clacton-on-Sea.

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