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Snoopies - Dog and Cat Grooming - Colchester, Colchester

Snoopies are the best. I have been taking my Old English Sheepdog Sophie, plus my Standard Poodle Beauty for quite a few years. The care they both receive is fantastic, they are very patient and let the dogs rest if they need to, which is crucial as Sophie is going on 12 and Beauty suffers from fits. I wouldn't take them anywhere else. Also because of the dedication both Kelly and Geoff show you know your dogs are in safe hands. I also thank Geoff for dramatically improving Sophie's well being by encouraging me to change her diet, I went from a dog with very bad IBS and on strong medication to a dog who now has to take no tablets at all and more importantly is no longer suffering. They both certainly know what they are talking about. So it's a big woof from my dogs and a thumbs up from me.