SouthWaves Radio

Your brand new service for the south coast of the UK, bringing you a mixture of music, discussion and the arts!

Who Are We?

SouthWaves Radio is an online radio station aimed at people on the south coast. Founded by Jamie Dyer, a Chichester University Graduate with Autism. It boasts to offer music, discussion and the arts, reflecting the mood of the local area. A project of the 21st century, there is no dedicated studio, allowing everyone an opportunity to be involved. Nearly everyone owns a tablet, mobile phone or a laptop, meaning that anyone can contribute something. This has been proved many times with interviews, events coverage and more.
In addition to the varied work on the south coast, the station also works with people across the country on their own material, putting them into a slot known as "Out of Town Tuesday", some of these with forms of disability.

Our Mission

Our main objectives is to provide a mixture of arts, drama and music, give opportunitiies to others and to be the voice of the south coast. While we aim to keep these promises, we also understand that as an internet station, we must provide for audiences further affield. Our out of town Tuesdays and Thursdays provide a perfect place for people to take part and be included even if they do not live in the south.


Autism & Disability Policy

We have a policy in place whereby we take on anyone who wants to be involved, even if they are not experienced in the area they set out to do. We work with many people with Autism, and try to improve their confidence through creating programming.

Social Interaction