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Using Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy to Help you Work, Play and Train Better and Overcome your Issues

I am  an experienced mind coach and hypnotherapist helping clients to improve their performance in business, sports, and general wellbeing by applying easily learned techniques designed to improve your mental strength and fitness and help you overcome your issues. 

With over 25 years experience coaching individuals and teams in both large and small organisations to achieve their optimum performance, I can help you achieve the same. 

Mind Coaching

Mind coaching is a practical approach to improving mental fitness which, if used regularly, can help to:

This in turn can reduce stress and anxiety and help you to relax and improve your performance.
Mind Coaching uses easily learned techniques to help you increase your confidence and concentration, encourage you to focus on the positive, manage any negative emotions and improve your mental attitude enabling you to overcome things which are currently blocking your progress. 
As an experienced mind coach, I will help you to achieve your goals by applying easily techniques to help you address and overcome any issues which may be adversely affecting your life.

How can Mind Coaching Help Me?

Mind-coaching is an effective way of becoming mentally fit, thus enabling oneself to address and manage issues which may be adversely affecting a person. Just as your body needs food, rest and exercise, the mind also needs the same in order to perform most effectively and benefit our lives to its full potential. Practical and easily learned tools and techniques are taught to help you relax, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, increase confidence and concentration, focus on the positive, gain emotional resilience, and strengthen your mental attitude and emotional well being.



Hypnotherapy is a technique which is used to facilitate a heightened state of relaxation that bypasses the critical faculties of the conscious mind allowing you to:

  • IDENTIFY barriers to behavioural change
  • VISUALISE positive outcomes
  • ACCEPT suggestions to overcome issues and ADOPT new behaviours
  • INCREASE your motivation to succeed
Thus enabling you to realise your goals or ambitions.
Working with a skilled practitioner you can potentially achieve many things which have previously been out of your reach. Hypnotherapy helps replace the 'I can't' beliefs of the conscious mind with the 'I can' attitude of the subconscious.


Some of the areas of specialty where I can help are:

Addictions: including alcohol, substance abuse and gambling – Hypnotherapy can support ongoing medical treatment to help a person identify and establish the benefits of giving up such addictions and keep those benefits permanently in their mind.

Allergies: Hypnotherapy can help you find that initial sensitising event of an allergic reaction and remove the emotional aspect of it, reducing your mind's reaction to the allergen involved.

Confidence Building and Motivation: Hypnotherapy techniques can help to identify the underlying cause of fears, eliminate them, helping you to achieve your dreams and ambitions. 

Cravings: Hypnotherapy can help you to cut down or control cravings for unnecessary food or substances which lack any real food value and could be potentially negatively impacting your health.

Emotional and Relationship Problems: In many cases, problems with our relationships or our emotional reactions to events originate in our mind. Hypnotherapy can help you solve problems through training your mind to disassociate ourselves from the emotion of the problem, resulting in a positive technique of logical thinking and problem solving.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: The worry and fear that some people have is that if they do not comply with an obsessive action, something terrible will happen. This causes panic and drives them to repeat their actions over and over again. Hypnotherapy can help by disconnecting the obsession from the fear, thus allowing the brain to rewire its way of thinking and reduce the anxiety and fear and thereby the need to comply with the obsession.

Pain Control: Long–term chronic pain can affect a sufferer’s life, resulting in a negative state of mind and outlook on life. A person can be taught tools and techniques that can be implemented to refocus the pain receptors, and reducing the messages of pain that may exist. With some training and regular practice, significant improvements can be achieved. 

Phobias: Phobias normally have a trigger event, and hypnotherapy can help to uncover the triggers to make the object of the phobia less threatening to a person by removing the fear and emotions that accompany the phobia. 

Relaxation and Stress: Hypnotherapy can help to teach tools and techniques to identify a person’s stressors, reduce them, and allow the body and mind to relax under your own control. 

Sleep Issues: Whether you struggle to get off to sleep or wake in the middle of the night and find it impossible to get back to sleep again, you will understand the despair of another night without proper sleep. If you have such problems hypnotherapy can help by helping you to learn to relax so you can get off to sleep quickly, supported by tools to help you get back to sleep should you wake before it is time to get up.   

Smoking Cessation: In most cases, smoking is simply a habit that is linked to other activites in our daily lives. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking quicky, rapidly and permanently. 

Sports Motivation and Performance Enhancement: Mind coaching can have a beneficial and worthwhile effect on performance, motivation and focus and can help overcome mental fatigue that can affect an athlete. 

Study and Exam Preparation: Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool in helping to enhance study and exam preparation and inducing calmness during the exam, allowing the subject to reach their optimum performance.  

Weight Control: Mind coaching and hypnotherapy can offer multiple approaches to our attitudes to food and eating and not only can weight be lost rapidly, but that loss can be maintained permanently.

Working Better and Smarter: A variety of tools and techniques can be taught to enhance your work performance, attitude and improve your career.


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