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Pilates for Chichester, Arundel and the surrounding areas

Debra Stackwood, is based in Arundel, near to Chichester and came across Pilates, or Core Stability work, in 2001, when working in a physiotherapy department of the NHS.  She qualified to teach mat work to classes in November 2004 and also trained in equipment based Pilates in the summer of 2006, starting the studio shortly afterwards.

As Debra is also an Osteopath, she has detailed knowledge of spinal pathologies, osteoporosis etc and is able to tailor the Pilates accordingly, to suit the individual's needs.  The osteopathy also gives a greater understanding of the importance of posture, alignment and muscle imbalances.


Pilates on the Hill can offer you:

  • Each case assessed for posture, alignment and movement
  • One to One sessions in the studio
  • All ages and abilities catered for
  • Attainable goals
  • Close to Chichester
  • Registered with all major insurance groups


If you think you could benefit from a Pilates class and live in the Chichester and surrounding areas, then Pilates on The Hill could be just what you need.  The equipment ranges from a reformer, cadillac or trapeze table, combo chair and ladder barrel, plus a wide range of smaller equipment.

Debra works with people from Chichester and the surrounding areas, with injuries, chronic pain and special populations e.g. osteoporosis.  She is concentrating on building up a studio, with a particular emphasis on the rehabilitation of chronic conditions.


Give Debra a call and find out how she can help you


Tel 01903 883757


Mobile 07801 978414


Please mention The Best of Chichester when  contacting Pilates on the Hill. Thank You

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