Harrie's Coffee
  • 15 Kingsham Avenue
    PO19 8AW
Harrie's Coffee in Kingsham Avenue, Chichester is a specialist business supplying coffee machines and coffee to companies of all sizes.


Harrie's Coffee sells and installs Swiss-built coffee machines into businesses and mixed-use spaces. These machines use Harrie’s own delicious fairtrade beans and fresh milk to create barista style coffees at the touch of a button.

Harrie's understand that serving quality coffee can help to create an environment that gives a positive image to clients and gives a competitive edge to attract and retain staff and the company engages with SMEs across the UK.

Deciding to use Harrie's as your choice of coffee machine and coffee supplier means you will get high quality, well-known machines, delicious coffee, together with Heather’s personal reputation to make a difference in your organisation.

Consider Harrie's Coffee in Kingsham Avenue, Chichester and experience delicious coffee in your office every day – a delicious Fairtrade Colombian 100% Arabica blend with a nutty finish. Their machines are so easy to use that you can offer cost-effective and quality coffee to your clients and your team

If you want to deal with a company that is ethical and personable and most of all, a company that is efficient and cost-effective, then Harrie's is the coffee supplier for you.

Harrie's are also offering a special promotion - 400 free coffees when clients buy one of their Jura machines.

Tel – 07715003552 or email heather@harrie'

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