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I was at the cinema th other day and whilst w enjoyed tthe fil I have to ssay how cold it was in there. Clearly there was no heating on . we were freezing when we came out. Come on cini world turn the heating on !
I enjoy watching films in my free time so Cineworld is a great place to go. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It is reasonably priced with a Student card
They are local and the staff are friendly. As I work for a painting and decorating company, I have worked at a number of Cineworlds' including this one Chesterfield
I love Cineworld Chesterfield because it is friendly with a nice environment
Staff - helpful. Could do with casual seating area in foyer. Warm on a cold Feb night.
Chesterfield Cineworld Cinema - Nice environment, and the staff are friendly
I love Cineworld Chesterfield Cinema because they are very friendly and helpful
Many thanks for taking time to write to the audience of NT Live : The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I want you to know I absolutely enjoyed the performance and am very much looking forward to returning to see others in the series. Can I thank you and your management team for committing to this screening this type of performance. I believe it is extremely important that Chesterfield Cineworld continues this type of work as I have lived the town for the past 5 years and this is a welcome addition. I am lucky enough to be able to afford to visit the theatre around the country and London, however sadly many of the town’s population are not. Although in close proximity to Sheffield and Nottingham, which do offer excellent productions these are often not accessible to the town’s population due to cost, location or transport. When I refer to the population I am talking about all age groups and indeed last night’s audience was testament to attracting a broad spectrum. The screening last night gave the opportunity to many to seen live performance and witness the immense power it has. Please don’t under estimate the importance of this. By screening such events people will attend theatre performance for the first time, may experience opera and ballet for the first time or watch a production that is life changing , that gives people the confidence to watch theatre or try something new. I also John, would like to take time in this email to THANK all the staff at Chesterfield for their wonderful customer service. I have now been a Unlimited member for the past week and I have to say have used my card to the maximum while I have some time between consultancy contracts. On my first morning a staff member took time to show me the board with all the details of forth coming shows, talked about the advantages of the card as well as really did make me feel welcome (I think his name was John, Friday AM. Also as my card has just been activated I have had to call on the service of the duty manager every time I have purchase the ticket – he has been extremely accommodating and helpful. All staff I have encountered have been friendly and certainly feel like a valued customer. Within my consultancy work that I do within customer services and guest relations work I would say I am a “happy to recommend client”! If fact last night, on the strength of the performance and my experience to date I think I convinced at least three members of the audience to go unlimited ! I am actually visiting the cinema this afternoon to watch Judge Dred in 3d which is all very exciting, so perhaps will see you there or at another visit. Again thanks for the excellent commitment to the arts, the people of Chesterfield and the excellent customer service – undoubtedly I am sure you and your team will keep it up.
I enjoyed the Curious Incident on Thursday very much and would like to be kept informed of future plays from the National Theatre.
I would just like to say how much me and my daughter enjoyed 'The curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' and how pleased we are that you are going to be joining in other live productions - we have felt left out in Chesterfield! Could I also mention the need to advertise? I have spoken to other Chesterfield residents who would have attended if they had known.
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