Parker Played By Jason Statham Is A Real Action Packed Movie
14th March 2013
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Parker is directed by Taylor Hackford and is based on a novel in the popular series by ace crime writer Donald E. Westlake and scripted John J McClaughlin. 

The film starts off with Parker doing a robbery with a group of criminals, he is then ripped off and left for dead. He seeks to get revenge on the gang and is helped by Jennifer Lopez an estate agent who helps track down the location of the gang. It also stars Michael Chiklis as the jewel-thief mastermind and Bobby Cannavale as the Florida Cop with an eye for Lopez's character. 

Statham is very laid back and never loses his cool and produces some of the finest action scenes you will ever see in a film.  Jennifer Lopez who plays his smitten accomplice pulls off a really good performance. 

If you're into action films you will love this because there is plenty of action and there is nothing complicated about this film, so sit back and enjoy. 


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