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Whizz-Kidz has an excellent reputation. Indeed, within NHS England, the Whizz-Kidz service model is respected and regarded highly for its innovative and ‘putting patients first’ philosophy. 'I am personally privileged to have witnessed some of the excellent work that the organisation is doing and have spoken to disabled young people and their families about the difference the service has made to their lives. I also think the Whizz-Kidz staff have great integrity, compassion, and cohesiveness. 'The personalised service that Whizz-Kidz provides is incredibly important. Disabled children and young people have diverse needs and one size doesn’t fit all! But the Whizz-Kidz service is not just about the wheelchair, it’s also about the many activities and programmes that Whizz-Kidz offers young people. Whizz-Kidz gives disabled young people opportunities to shape and influence policy, campaign about issues that affect their lives and take part in other fun activities as well. 'I think the long term impact of Whizz-Kidz on young people’s lives is immeasurable. We need a diverse workforce, and particularly a greater inclusion of disabled people represented within our workforce now and in the future. I think Whizz-Kidz’s model of empowerment can have a significant impact in changing societal attitudes, shaping and influencing policy, job creation, which will have a significant and long term impact. Tracy Grey, Senior Manager at NHS England
What Whizz-Kidz does is very powerful. It gives many more adults as well as children their independence. Whizz-Kidz sees people in a timely fashion and provides a fast turnaround. We have a wide range of chairs and people are given the opportunity to help decide what is best for them. My role as a Whizz-Kidz Mobility Therapist is to assess and deliver wheelchairs to both adults and children. The first thing I do when I meet a client is to ask lots of questions –to assess their mobility, why they need the chair and how often they’ll use it. I look at their position, their hips, their backs, and then take measurements. We normally have some chairs in stock, so if I think one might be right I’ll ask the person to sit in it and look at their comfort levels and any special requirements. I’ll speak to them and their families or carers about how to use the chair and then make any adjustments needed. People are often given exactly the right chair on the day of their assessment. They leave with details of who to contact, should they have any questions, and this gives them peace of mind. The right chair changes everything. They’re really excited about the possibilities and really grateful. It makes an instant impact. I’ve seen young adults who’ve been known to Whizz-Kidz since they were little. It’s really nice to have that continuity of care and consistency. It gives them some stability in life. Claire, Whizz-Kidz Mobility Therapist
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