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The Neuro Therapy Centre in Chester is here to support people with MS and their families and to provide professional therapies, support and advice to help in managing the symptoms of MS. We are a self- help organisation and many members are also involved in the Centre'€™s management.

The Neuro Therapy Centre - self help for people with MS 

The Neuro Therapy Centre in Chester is an independent local charity that offers practical support, therapies and helpful strategies to manage the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as effectively as possible in a happy, supportive and understanding environment.


Individuals are encouraged to take a positive attitude towards the management of their condition, allowing them to take control of their lives with MS, rather than MS controlling them.

"Self Help is our way of Action"

Multiple Sclerosis is typically diagnosed in the 20s and 30s age group, a time when most people are embarking on their career and may be bringing up a young family. It is the most common disease of the central nervous system in young people and there is no known cause or cure; it affects in excess of 1 in 800 adults in the UK and its impact is felt by whole families.


The Neuro Therapy Centre focuses on providing the best possible support, advice and therapies to people with MS to help them live life to the full. We aim to provide a friendly, professional and secure community of people with MS - and their carers- who are investing in the future through positive personal choices.


Our range of therapies reflect a wide range of personal interests and promote physical fitness, as well as complementing and supporting the work of neurologists and GPs.


In addition to physical benefits, we also encourage people with MS to regain control of their lives through self help and many members are happy to pass on any tips about managing with MS: 'self help is our way of action'.


It currently costs around £200,000 a year to run the Neuro Therapy Centre - that's around £4,000 a week.


For that £4,000 we're able to deliver a broad and diverse range of therapies and support services to people with MS and their Carers, and that £4,000 means we can make a real difference to the lives of the people that we support.


The Neuro Therapy Centre receives no automatic statutory funding, which means that to continue with our work we must raise funds from many different sources.

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There are lots of ways that you can support us, some of which are outlined on our website, and you may have your own fundraising ideas too, so please do give me a call if you'd like to get involved.

To offer any financial assistance, to volunteer your time or to find out more about the Neuro Therapy Centre, please contact:


Katie Roebuck

Neuro Therapy Centre

Unit C4Brymau1 Estate
River Lane


Tel: Chester (01244) 678 619

Mob: 07870 208 893



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Please mention thebestofchester when contacting the Neuro Therapy Centre, a deserving local charity in Chester.

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