Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development
  • Old Coach House
    CH4 9HT
Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development (BIRD) in Chester is an independent charity that has existed since 1982 to provide its unique approach to the treatment of neurological impairment known as 'Developmental Reflexive Rehabilitation'. Using this approach we work to improve the quality of life of people irrespective of age or severity of condition.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development (B.I.R.D) - Transforming Lives

The term 'brain injury' is frightening for most people, yet at B.I.R.D we help people with a vast array of conditions from mild forms of dyslexia or learning difficulties through to severe loss of function following an accident or stroke.

B.I.R.D is an independent charity that relies solely on voluntary donations, trusts and grants to continue providing it's much needed services for both children and adults.


Hearing words like 'autism, 'learning difficulties' or developmental delay' can be devastating for any parent. 

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Seeing someone you deeply care about affected by a stroke can be earth shattering.

When all potential for improvement seems lost and a loving family has no-one left to turn to for help it is here that B.I.R.D can offer hope.

B.I.R.D offers a unique, non invasive approach to individuals affected by brain injury and other neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism, ADHD, Aspergers and people who have suffered a stroke or accident.

For many people that come to B.I.R.D it was thought that no further improvement was possible, yet markedly over 90% of our patients have reported to have significant improvements to their day to day living.

We have a dedicated team of fundraisers that aim to raise the £260,000 it costs each year to run the charity. 

If you would like more information about B.I.R.D or want to donate please can call or write to:

The Old Coach House

Tel: Chester (01244) 678 629

Fax: Chester (01244) 680 752


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Please mention thebestofchester when donating or contacting the Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development (B.I.R.D) charity in Chester.

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