Timely advice to all motorists
5th December 2011
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Timely Advice for all motorists:

Here we have some sensible advice from one of our Best Of Businesses, Maypole Garage in Bream:

Now that winter is well and truly here, make sure your cars ready for the cold weather.  Things to check are: Tyres, make sure there is plenty of grip. Keep you washer bottle topped up, also don’t run your fuel on empty, keep at least ¼ of a tank as you never know when you might get delayed or even stuck!! Check your bulbs and wipers are working correctly,lets face it driving at night and when it’s raining is hard enough when everything is working correctly.


Also its work keeping some worm cloths, a shovel and a florescent vest in the car for any unforeseen circumstances.

Well there you have it, no not being intentionally gloomy, just sensible: For any further advice call Maypole Garage on 01594 562247


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