New Purevision Classic Stove
19th October 2016
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Purevision stoves are without a doubt fabulous and we have installed many for our customers – they are ultra modern looking with an enormous glass window. In response to being asked for a more traditional looking stove still with all the features of the Purevision range, Charlton & Jenrick have launched the ‘Purevision Classic’ range, which have a much more traditional look but are indeed crammed full of Purevision technology making them ultra-efficient and designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations that will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Purevision Classic models also feature the ceramic firebricks which we so love about the Purevision and Fireline stoves – cleaner, more durable and so much better looking!

These new stoves come with a new stainless steel patented innovative active baffle system for flexibility, and ease of use. In fact the new active baffle system has been so well received that it is now to be a standard feature on the existing modern Purevision™ range.

 For more information about a Purevision classic stove, please call Green Man Stoves. 
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