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26th July 2011
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Rebecca of Rebecca Cox Photography based in the Forest of Dean, specialises in photographing and capturing the very best images of your pet(s) which must be an even bigger challenge than young children.!

Here Rebecca shares with us a few very valuable hints that will allow you to improve the results you achieve in this regard.  

 The first thing to consider is the background:

 If your pet is dark, look for a paler backdrop, if it is black and white, find something in between so your pet will be well defined from the background. Grass works well for most pets. Not many people have a green dog or cat!

 Once you have found a background you like, the next thing to consider is the lighting.

 If you are indoors, you may well be tempted to use your flash, but pet’s eyes tend to react badly to this. I’m sure you have seen photos where a dog has glowing green eyes. This is the same as of red eye in humans. It is best to work outside, or in a very well lit area. Look for somewhere where the light is constant across the whole are. Avoid half sunshine and half shade, or where a tree is throwing a mottled shadow. Very bright sun is not going to give you good results, so on a very bright day, look for some shade. Overcast is the best lighting condition.

Lastly, position yourself on eye level with your pet, lie down if you have to, or place smaller pets on a chair.

 Good luck:

 If you would like any more help,  advice or would simply like some images taken please don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca at Rebecca Cox Photography on 01594 839269 or 07784 767228



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