Business Owners - That Dreaded Paperwork
6th February 2013
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Yes that awful thing called paperwork that as business owners we all have to do whether we like it or not (most often not) !

Here are just a few tips or perhaps reminders that might make life a little easier for you and your bookkeeper/accountant. However, none of this is rocket science, in most cases just things that you know you should do but don’t, for whatever reason.

1: Make sure you keep safe all relevant receipts, put them away on regular basis somewhere safe.Let’s face it, a lost or misplaced receipt can prevent you from making your appropriate claims in terms of tax and vat.

2: If you claim mileage against your business keep a safe and accurate record. Little journeys are often forgotten.

3: Try and keep your paper records in a tidy state, a carrier bag stuffed with untidy paper can result in additional avoidable costs from your bookkeeper/accountant.

4: Always get your required paperwork to your bookkeeper/accountant in good time, this enables them to do their best on your behalf. For example, if you can get your paper to them 2/3 months prior to any deadline they may be able to put forward ideas to you that can reduce your overall liability.

Hope these points are of some value to you, if you would like more advice or think we can of further help,please do not please do not hesitate to contact me:

All the very best

Eleanor Hunter EH Accounting Services T:01873 830510

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