Walk The Line
27th September 2010
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Walk The Line is an annual music festival that takes place at different venues in Cheltenham on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October 2010. This years venues include The Frog and Fiddle, Boogie Lounge, DFly, The Railway and Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.


Below is a list of confirmed bands for this year:


Brown Torpedo, Midnight Mile, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, Swift Manoeuvre, The Dawn Chorus and David Ford.

HHitchhikers of the Galaxy, Screamin' 88s, Will Kevans, I Call a Strike, Echoes, Che, Reachback, My First Tooth, The Strange Death of Liberal England, 6 Day Riot, Edd Donovan, Gareth Harper, China Soul, Luke Leighfield, Thrill Collins, Ellie Dussek, Andrew Villanelle, Dale Campbell, Pete Taylor, Ryan Martin, Joe Noel and Faded Circus.

Tickets can be purchased from a variety of locations. Please visit the website for more details and prices.


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