Top Girls at The Everyman
2nd February 2012
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One of the seminal plays of the twentieth century, Top Girls flashes with razor-sharp wit and ingenious theatricality.

Thatcher's England: hard-nosed, go-getting businesswoman Marlene is hosting a dinner party to celebrate her promotion to MD of the Top Girls Employment Agency. Her guests, all powerful women from myth and history, make for an extraordinary gathering.

Top Girls becomes a muscular, moving study of success - the compromises Marlene has made and, chillingly, what happens to those left behind.

Max Stafford-Clark directed the premiere of Top Girls in 1982. His brand new production, of a play now celebrated as a modern classic, was a hugely acclaimed hit in the West End in 2011. Caryl Churchill's plays include Cloud Nine, Serious Money, Far Away, Blue Heart and A Number.

Caroline Catz will play Marlene.  She is well known from playing Louisa in five series of Doc Martin, with other long-term roles on The Vice, Murder in Suburbia and All Quiet on the Preston Front and appearances in Marple and Hotel Babylon.  West End theatre work includes Out of Joint's Shopping and F***ing and Six Degrees of Separation.  The cast also includes Helen Bradbury, Alix Dunmore, Esther Ruth Elliott, Victoria Gee, Emmy Sainsbury and Kirsten Hazel Smith.
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