Re-cycle your unwanted Bi-cycle
12th February 2014
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The Gloucestershire Bike Project, Cheltenham Borough Council and environmental services provider Ubico have formed a partnership to salvage bikes destined to go for scrap metal. The idea is to reuse and recycle as many bikes as possible. 

Every week the Gloucestershire Bike Project (a not-for-profit social enterprise) will collect any unwanted, salvageable bikes from Swindon Road Recycling Centre. The bicycles will checked, serviced and refurbished before being offered for sale at reasonable prices from their Barton Street workshop. They also have a scheme to help vulnerable adults and young people who are each given a bike to keep after they have refurbished it.

If you would like to take your unwanted bikes to the Swindon Road Recycling Centre there will be a clearly marked designated area where they can be left.

If you would like more information about Gloucestershire Bike Project you can call 01452 690979. or visit their website: 

To find details of the Swindon Road Recycling Centre visit the Council’s website:


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