Queensbridge House Care Home celebrate Cheese Roll
23rd May 2014
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Queensbridge House Care Home are to have a cheese tasting afternoon on 26 May, starting off, obviously, with the Double Gloucester cheese!

This is to enable clients to take part in a rather more genteel fashion than the competitors of the annual cheese rolling event, to commemorate this wacky event which is held on Coopers Hill in Cheltenham every May Day where competitors race after a 3kg cheese as it rolls down the hill.  

The cheeses raced are handmade by Mrs Diana Smart of Churcham, using traditional methods.  

Among the many cheeses we will be tasting is the Gouda cheese, as a team from Holland are to be rolling a whole Gouda down the hill again this year! 

Competitors bounce, tumble, roll and slither down Coopers Hill sustaining cuts, scrapes, sprains and frequent broken bones in their pursuit of the cheese.  

Let's hope the tasting proves a safer alternative for our clients!

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