Nursery Practioner to the Rescue!
24th July 2013
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Imagine the scene, it’s 6.30pm in the evening of a very hot day in a large supermarket and you are queuing at the checkout with a trolley.  Nightmare enough you might think but add to this you have with you your two fractious 3yr. old twin boys.  You turn your back for a matter of moments to load your shopping on to the conveyor belt when the boys somehow manage to tip up the trolley, causing them to topple over, landing face first and pulling the trolley over with them!

For Annie, mother of twins Oskar and Olivier it felt like “one of the worst days possible”.  While most people stood looking at the scene and offering no help whatsoever a kind stranger dressed in a Circus Day Nursery uniform came to the rescue.

Annie said:

“She was fantastic at calming the boys (and myself down) and instructed the Tesco staff what to do. Oskar had bitten through his lip and there was a lot of blood which sent me into panic mode. It is the first major ‘accident’ I have had to deal with and I don't think I could have done it with out this fantastic young girl.”

Unfortunately, at the time, Annie did not get the girl’s name but after the event she wrote to Sue Wilson, owner of Circus Day Nursery with thanks and praise for her unknown heroine saying:

“Oskar is back to his usual cheeky self after having a couple of stitches in his lip and we'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to her from all of us! I'm sure you are extremely proud to have such dedicated and wonderful staff. If all of your staff are as calm, professional, helpful and caring as this lady was to us then I can only imagine what a lovely setting it must be.”

Sue quickly tracked down Annie's rescuer and identified her as Nursery Practioner Trina. Sue was both delighted and proud that Trina had been so quick-thinking and demonstrated her compassion and excellent practical childcare skills when they were most needed.  To reward her efforts Sue presented Trina with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and management read out Annie’s thank you lette to all the team at Circus.

If you would like to know more about Circus Day Nursery then give them a call on: 01242 253222 or follow their link here.

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