Local knowledge needed to replace Pittville Gates horse trough
1st July 2013
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With the restoration of Pittville Gates nearly complete to regain its place as a key Cheltenham landmark, the Friends of Pittville are looking to add the final touch of a horse trough which stood in front of the gateway many years ago.

The original trough was installed in 1883 by the Cheltenham Ladies’ Society for the Protection of Animals, led by Mrs Mary Champion.

As this trough has unfortunately disappeared many years ago, the Friends of Pittville and Cheltenham Borough Council are trying to arrange a replacement.

The current plan is to move an existing granite trough from the southern end of the pedestrianised area outside the RBS building.

Although thought to be owned by the council, who has always provided the planting for it, there are no official records to show ownership.

Do you know who owns the trough or have any comments on moving the trough to Pittville Gates?

Maybe you know what happened to the original trough?

Please email any comments to Friends of Pittville or visit their website www.friendsofpittville.org to see how this restoration project is progressing.

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